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Introducing Mason Company's patent-pending Silvis Seal™. Easily the best cross contamination run seal available. No more need to worry about how long until your runs need re-sealing. The Silvis Seal™ provides a long-term barrier that performs even after sealants start to break down. The Silvis Seal™ also adjusts to the irregularities in your floor and is not affected by bleach or high pressure cleaning. A truly unique innovation offered exclusively on Mason Company products! Click here to see video of this remarkable new product.

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Trusted for over 120 years!

With the widest variety of animal housing options in the industry, Mason Company has an animal enclosure solution perfect for veterinarians, pet resort operators, shelter managers, breeders and zoo keepers. With more than 120 years focusing exclusively on animal enclosures, we’ve installed more kennel and cattery systems than any other company in the world.

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At Mason, we're dedicated to building high-quality, custom-designed animal enclosures that are safe and attractive, from individual dog kennels to full-line kennel systems to a full line of cat condos and feline solutions. Our unique and patent–pending Silvis Seal™ barrier available on Mason’s Sani-Kennel provides an entirely new approach to preventing the problem of cross-contamination. We offer the broadest range of material choices, sizes and gates so every product is built for your specific need. Our kennels are used worldwide by facilities that know and appreciate quality equipment. We also offer a wide selection of accessories.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you find the animal enclosure that's perfect for you, your animals and your employees. Mason Company is proud to be the only animal enclosure manufacturer in the industry to offer Revit® design files, and design advice, price quotations and computerized layout drawings are always free. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Trust Mason to deliver high quality solutions to meet your needs:
  • Customized modular kennel systems & accessories
  • Complete line of feline housing options
  • Broadest product line of material choices and sizes
  • Unsurpassed craftsmanship using only the highest grade materials
  • Free design support & estimates
  • No charge for customization
  • Installation assistance upon request
  • Complete customer satisfaction
Click here for testimonials from satisfied Mason Company customers, including the Animal Haven shelter that was featured on the 2012 season finale of the CBS show DOGS IN THE CITY.

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